Father and Children

Co-Parenting High Conflict Focused

Co-parenting classes help parents get along for the well being of their children. Remember that children love both parents and need two responsible parents to raise them to become productive adolescents and adults.

Classes offered; 

10 weeks, 12 weeks, 26 weeks, 30 weeks, or 52 weeks

If both parents must attend classes together, each parent must call to schedule an intake appointment by telephone or in person. During enrollment, the date and time for sessions will be scheduled.

If one parent needs to attend co-parenting classes, you must attend in person Thursday at 8pm-9pm or virtual group setting. Private sessions are also available. 


You must attend once per week. 

Court Forms You Will Be Provided:

  • Letter of Enrollment

  • Progress Letters as Needed

  • Payment Receipts

  • Letter of Completion


Co Parenting Facilitator

As a Co-Parenting Facilitator I work with uncoupled parents to develop, strengthen, and transform their co-parenting relationship to re-focus on the best interests of their children, rather than the reasons which led them to separate/divorce.

My role as a Co-Parenting Facilitator is to recognize this is far easier said than done which means creating space for this much needed time, while simultaneously providing guidance, education, and opportunities for conflict resolution in real time as parents navigate this transition and re-focus on their children’s emotional, behavioral, and psychological needs.

Primary Goals of Co-Parenting Facilitation

  • Provide education about child development from an emotional and psychological perspective.

  • Identify barriers to effective co-parent communication and decision-making.

  • Teach and implement tools and techniques to resolve co-parent conflict .

  • Mediate co-parent disagreements and encourage child-centric decision-making.

  • Develop and/or modify parenting plans/agreements to reduce conflict.

A Co-Parenting Facilitator can mediate agreements and provide education about the best interests of children, but cannot make a final decision if the parents do not agree.A Co-Parenting Facilitator may be appointed by Court order or may be mutually agreed upon without Court involvement. Even when appointed by Court order, a Co-Parenting Facilitator holds no authority to make decisions. 

Is Parent Coordination/Co-Parenting Facilitation Considered Counseling or Therapy?

Co-Parenting Facilitation and Parenting Coordination are forms Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR), not therapy/counseling. The terms “co-parenting counseling/therapy” are often used when discussing Co-Parenting Facilitation and Parenting Coordination. Although unintentional, this is a misuse of the terms “counseling” and “therapy”, which require the diagnosis and treatment of a mental health condition using the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual V (DSM-V).

Although clients who participate in Co-Parenting Facilitation and Parenting Coordination may have a mental health diagnoses and require treatment, no mental health diagnoses or treatments are provided by a Co-Parenting Facilitator or Parenting Coordinator, even if he/she is a Licensed Mental Health Provider.

Facilitator is able to meet with the children for 30min to address any questions or concerns the child feels comfortable with to better support the parents conflicts. This helps facilitor with problem resolutions. This is done only with the approval of both parents.